Hard bed covers provide your truck bed unbeatable protection and supreme looks. They create a solid barrier between your cargo and the environment, while allowing convenient bed access when you need it. Protect your payload from theft and harsh climates with a hard bed cover and improve your MPG as well with the low profile design.

Truck Bed Covers (also called Tonneau Covers) are the perfect complement to pickup trucks, thanks to their added security and style. First and foremost, bed covers keep your cargo away from the weather and possible damage due to rough roads and unexpected traffic stops. But, they're also great at upgrading your truck's look while providing you with a useful way to use your truck bed. From construction work, hauling personal or work items, to moving household items or storing a variety of other items, there is a Bed Cover to satisfy essentially any needs. S&C Automotive provides an array of hard and soft tonneau covers in a variety of types that include power, folding and retractable.

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