Back-up Camera

Rearview Mirror Mounted Display

This high-quality display mirror comes with a universal harness that lets us connect it to any standard camera, including our own high-grade universal camera. The outline of the hidden 3.5” monitor is completely invisible until you put your car in reverse, unlike many less advanced systems available in the aftermarket. 

Key Benefits:

  • An OEM-grade backup camera display mirror to replace your vehicle's factory original mirror
  • Large 3.5” color backup monitor displays vividly when you put your car in reverse
  • Compatible with all standard backup cameras through the included installation harness
  • Display on/off button
  • Increased vehicle resale value
  • Auto Dimming


Standalone Screen

This 4.3” Display Monitor provides the driver with a view of what’s behind the vehicle through the installed backup camera. The display can mount to your dashboard with the provided stand and adhesive strip. This monitor allows you to hook up multiple cameras due to the 2 RCA inputs.

  • 2 Video Inputs
  • 480x272 Display Resolution
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Removable Sunshade
  • DC 6v to 32v power supply
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